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What is the Cerdeira Village

What sets Cerdeira Village apart is the combination of quality accommodation with an ambitious cultural project.

Our goal is to bring an ancient village back to life, to create the right conditions for it to become a place of artistic creation, learning and fruitful cultural exchanges. To offer quality accommodation and to suggest ideas and routes for exploring this often forgotten region.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability are fundamental concepts for us, and were applied not only in the reconstruction phase, with regional techniques, a local workforce and the introduction of ecological materials, but are important in our day-to-day work.

Our guests are housed in one of eight traditional schist houses, which have been sustainably remodelled in order to strike a balance between tradition and modern comfort. Some of these houses have also been enhanced by national and international artists, inspired by the houses themselves to create unique pieces that add to the individuality of each house.

Today, Cerdeira has become an artistic centre with international Artistic Residencies, workshops and small creative experiences; a spot for creative or wellness retreats, as well as corporate trips; and a hideaway for truly invigorating holidays, benefitting from its unique natural setting, its quietness and all the infrastructure that has been built with our visitors in mind: the Casa das Artes, the studios, the library, the gallery, the community oven and the café. We also host a yearly festival, «Elementos à Solta – Art Meets Nature», which brings together contemporary artists and turns the village into a street gallery.

Cerdeira Village is an authentic destination, where time does not fly!

The rebirth of a village

Hidden away in a small valley at 700m above sea level, Cerdeira was a village of schist houses at risk of disappearing after agricultural acitivty was abandoned in the middle of the 20th Century. Almost 300 years old, the village was built by courageous people, farmers who lived off the land and who, even if they left in search of a better life for their families, would always come back and visit their home.

Cerdeira Village

Today, Cerdeira has new stories to tell, of new inhabitants who have, will their persistence and will power, breathed life and purpose back into this place, of men and women who have knowledgeably restored the houses and made them comfortable, as a 21st century house should be, of guests who choose the village to spend their holidays, and of artists from all over the world who come in search of inspiration. Cerdeira is now one of 27 villages that make up the network of Schist Villages.

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